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Data Conversion

BillQuick for Attorneys & Legal Services

With extensive experience in database engineering and billing software conversion, we know how to make your transition to BillQuick painless and easy. We have found that most data conversions follow our straightforward four-step program. Led by your own project manager, our responsive and accessible technical support staff will work with your organization in order to guide you through the process while maintaining best-practices protocols.

Of utmost importance is the need to protect your valuable data as you upgrade to BillQuick. No matter what platform you are currently using, you can be confident that our technical team has the expertise and industry knowledge you need to safely transition onto the BillQuick system, and be up-and-running in a remarkably short period of time.

Get started with your data conversion, now, and begin saving time and money with BillQuick. We can convert your data from nearly any product. Here are just some of the platforms other Attorneys and other Legal Professionals just like you have successfully migrated onto the BillQuick system from:

  • Time & Profit
  • Time Matters
  • Time Rewards
  • Timeslips
  • Billng Matters
  • PC Law

In most cases we are happy to review your database files and provide a conversion quote free of charge. For further information, please contact your sales representative, or call (866) 945-1595.

BillQuick is designed to help your firm increase performance, streamline processes and make decisions faster.

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