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  1. I am an existing customer. Do I automatically get the ArchiOffice 2017 Enterprise license when I convert/upgrade? Answer

    Yes, if you have an active BQE GoldCare or SilverCare plan, license keys will be emailed automatically to you. Other customers must first upgrade.

  2. I am running ArchiOffice v8. How do I upgrade to ArchiOffice 2017? Does BQE offer upgrade services? Answer

    ArchiOffice v8 users cannot upgrade directly to the 2017 version. For a pain-free transition to ArchiOffice 2017, we highly recommend using our Data Conversion Services. Our Conversion Team will upgrade your v8 data files and return them to you in the new format. There is a nominal fee for this service.

  3. If I start-out at ArchiOffice 2017 Enterprise automatically, can I downsize to Pro or Basic edition if I want to? Answer

    Once you have purchased the Enterprise version, you cannot downsize. You can do so only when newer versions are released.

  4. If I start-out using the ArchiOffice 2017 Basic edition, what are my options to upsize to Pro or Enterprise? Answer

    To upsize, simply call our Sales Team to purchase the upgrade and we will email you the new license keys. When you enter the new license key in ArchiOffice 2017, the additional features will be available automatically.

  5. Will my data be safe if and when I upsize my ArchiOffice edition? Answer

    Yes, absolutely! There is no impact on your data. The extra features are either available or blocked, depending upon the ArchiOffice edition you choose.

  6. When I start ArchiOffice, I am asked for a User Name and Password. What should I enter? Answer

    Your Administrator will assign you a User Name and Password. In addition, ArchiOffice creates an Admin user account, which can be changed later. Default User Name and Passwords are below.

    • After creating a new company, use:
      User Name: Admin
      Password: Admin
    • For a sample company (e.g., Fountainhead Architects), use:
      User Name: Howard Roark
      Password: Roark
  7. What Support options and resources do we have for ArchiOffice 2017? Answer

    Your purchase of ArchiOffice 2017 includes either a BQE GoldCare or SilverCare plan. BQE GoldCare provides you with upgrade and updates (maintenance) plus unlimited technical support via email and phone. BQE SilverCare includes upgrade and updates (maintenance). You have to purchase support for each incident. Other resources include a context-sensitive help file in the application. You can find useful, free documentation and Knowledgebase articles on our Support page. If desired, excellent training and consulting services are available as well.

  8. How does the 15-day free trial work? Answer

    After you download ArchiOffice from our website and install it, you have access to all its features and a sample database for a 15-day trial period. You can create new databases if you want. During the 15-day trial period, you can purchase the required number of licenses by calling your BQE Account Rep at (888) 245-5669 or email us at ArchiOffice sales.

  9. What happens if I do not sign up within 15 days? Answer

    After your 15-day trial period is over, access to ArchiOffice will be locked. No one will be able to log in until you purchase its license.

  10. How does your refund policy work? Answer

    After purchasing the software, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee. For details, please refer to the refund policy that was emailed to you when you purchased it.

  11. What version of ArchiOffice 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 or 2014 do I need to be at prior to upgrading to ArchiOffice 2017? Answer

    ArchiOffice 2017 can upgrade all versions of ArchiOffice 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. If you have ArchiOffice V8, please see Question #2.

  12. I am using ArchiOffice 2012. How do I convert my data to ArchiOffice 2017? Answer

    ArchiOffice 2017 comes with a conversion tool that allows you to convert your data to the new version. You must install the new software first and then do the conversion. The data conversion is a safe procedure and has no impact on your current data. After converting your data and deploying the new version to users, please shut down your old version of ArchiOffice. See the Upgrade Data white paper for more information.

  13. How long will BQE support older versions of ArchiOffice? Answer

    BQE typically supports the three most recent versions of the software product. Hence, we currently offer support services for ArchiOffice 2015, 2016 and 2017.

  14. I am an all Mac office- what do I need now to use ArchiOffice 2017? Answer

    You need one PC running Windows OS with IIS to host the application. You and rest of your team can keep using Mac to run ArchiOffice 2017 (see the Getting Started Guide for System Requirements). If you do not own a PC, you can install virtualization software on your Mac and make that the host. However, this will work for firms with five or less users. See our Set Up Mac whitepaper for more.

  15. How does the remote access work? Can I edit my documents when I am outside my office Answer

    You can view your ArchiOffice documents while outside the office. However, if you edit them, you will have to save them locally unless you have permission to write to the office server. You can also email the edited documents to yourself and later add them to the ArchiOffice Documents folder in your office.

  16. Do you need a dedicated workstation or server to run ArchiOffice 2017? Answer

    Yes, it is recommended to use a dedicated PC running Windows OS as a server for ArchiOffice 2017. For firms with more than five users or when using ArchiOffice Pro or Enterprise editions, it is recommended to use Windows Server instead of Windows 7/Vista.

  17. Will BQE still honor our old ArchiOffice Unlimited plan if we upgrade to ArchiOffice 2017? Answer

    If your company purchased the ArchiOffice Unlimited plan, you are eligible for free upgrade to ArchiOffice 2017 for equivalent number of seats. However, you will have to pay for any additional licenses (which are significantly lower) and associated support contract.

  18. I just paid for the GoldCare annual support plan for ArchiOffice 2016. Will it transfer to the new ArchiOffice 2017? Answer

    Since you already have BQE GoldCare plan, you will receive ArchiOffice 2017 at no charge for your existing licenses. Your active support plan carries over from one version to the next until it expires.

  19. Why did you create 3 editions — ArchiOffice Basic, Pro and Enterprise? Which edition is right for me? Answer

    ArchiOffice comes in three editions as a result of research defining the common feature groupings. Which edition is best for your firm depends on the size of the firm, workload, needs and management style. To learn more about each edition, please see the ArchiOffice Edition Comparison Chart.

  20. Can I run ArchiOffice on a Mac? Answer

    You can run ArchiOffice on a Mac, PC, Linux, iOS and Android operating system. However, the ArchiOffice server portion of the installation requires a Windows operating system with IIS. See our Set Up Mac whitepaper for more.

  21. I am a Mac user. Do all my computers need to run Windows OS for ArchiOffice 2017 to work? Answer

    No. Your Mac computers can continue to launch ArchiOffice 2017 natively through the Mac platform using any browser — Safari, Firefox or Chrome. In fact, now you can run ArchiOffice on your Mac, iPad, iPhone or any other device. You do not need to purchase or install Windows on any of your client computers. However, this needs to be done only on the computer that will be dedicated as the ArchiOffice 2017 server.

    If you have fewer than five concurrent users, then you can use your Mac machine as a server by using virtualization software to run Microsoft Windows. If running a virtual system does not suit your needs, you can have ArchiOffice 2017 hosted by a Managed Hosting service.

  22. How can I check whether I meet the ArchiOffice requirements without calling my IT/System Administrator? Answer

    You can check your computer properties by right-clicking on the Computer icon on your PC desktop. On a Mac, click the Apple icon on the upper left of the top menu and select 'About this Mac'. Then click the More Info button to get the details you need. See the Getting Started Guide for the System Requirements.

  23. Can I sync with Mac apps — Apple Mail, iCal and Address Book? Answer

    Yes, on the Mac, ArchiOffice supports data sync with Microsoft Entourage as well as Apple's own suite of products: Mail (Apple Mail), Calendar (iCal) and Contacts (Address Book).

  24. Does ArchiOffice support submittals and RFIs? Answer

    Yes, it does.

  25. Can I install ArchiOffice myself or do I need my IT/System Administrator to install it? Answer

    Depending upon your IT skills, you can install ArchiOffice on your own by following the instructions in the ArchiOffice Getting Started Guide. However, if you want, you may ask your IT/System Administrator to do that or let a BQE Consultant handle it for you at a nominal fee.

  26. Can I run ArchiOffice on my iPhone/iPad or Android device? How does it work? Answer

    Yes, once ArchiOffice is installed on your server, you and your employees can access it remotely from a browser on a mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad. You will need to know the Public IP address of your ArchiOffice server and be able to access it from the mobile browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.).

  27. With which software can ArchiOffice integrate? Answer

    ArchiOffice integrates with QuickBooks (2003 or better) desktop version for Windows, Microsoft Outlook (Windows), Entourage, Apple Mail, Apple Contacts (Address Book) and Apple Calendar (iCal). Besides these, we offer Custom Data Conversion Services for migrating your data from any other software into ArchiOffice.

  28. Can I create documents in ArchiOffice? Answer

    Yes, you can create, store and manage documents in ArchiOffice. In fact, Document Management is a powerful feature in it. ArchiOffice (Pro and Enterprise edition) works with most conventional document types and comes with more than 70 templates, which can be customized to suit your needs. You can also create an unlimited number of your own document templates.

  29. Do I need SQL for ArchiOffice 2017? Answer

    Yes, either Microsoft SQL Express or SQL Server. All editions of ArchiOffice work with Microsoft SQL Express. However, if you want to use Microsoft SQL Server, it works only with ArchiOffice Enterprise edition. Please see the Edition Comparison Chart for details.